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The world shows up the way you see it that day.

Whether it’s one-on-one, with a leadership team, or with a non-profit Board of Directors, Brian will support you on your growth journey. Brian's approach to coaching is anchored in his deep understanding of change—at the individual, team and organizational levels—and incorporates methodologies that expand awareness and understanding with a focus on unlocking what is already within you. Additionally, his experience leading Hummingbird Humanity, combined with his experiences in leadership roles with organizations like Tapestry, Christie's Auction House, and The Walt Disney Company, has given him the ability to work with diverse people in a variety of industries. Brian's coaching work begins with an acknowledgement of individual lived experiences which allows clients to embrace their own humanity and their shared humanity with their teams and colleagues and the work leads to improved trust, increased awareness, and a positive impact on results.

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Bring Humanity to the Workplace

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