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Keynote Speaking

Move audiences with humanity.

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Brian is known for bringing heart and authenticity to all presentations, and his keynotes are no exception. With his focus on important topics like workplace cultures and representation, Brian is able to not only highlight the multiple dimensions of complex topics but also connect to the audience through personal stories and experience.


Brian’s areas of expertise include:

  • Fostering workplace cultures focused on inclusion and belonging

  • The importance of allyship

  • Why representation matters

  • The need for humanity in the workplace


"I have been inspired by Brian's skills as a change agent. . ."

Jennifer Garvin

Senior HR Director

Americas at Philips

Brian with Nick Matthew at the SEA Jubilee, NYC 2017

Brian works with organizations to deliver keynotes in person or online.

"Brian is a true professional and his passion and enthusiasm for the HR profession is contagious."

-Lorri Zelman

Division Director

Beacon Hill HR

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Brian with Alec Baldwin at event, NYC 2014

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Bring Humanity to the Workplace

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